Custom Melamine Cabinets

We offer custom melamine cabinets designed to fit your garage perfectly. We've added a brushed metal melamine, black, any of our wood grain finishes, and by request we now have those primary garage colours to add some character to your cabinets, red, yellow, and blue!

Using high grade 3/4" pine core melamine, and using the product every day in our own homes and garages, we back our BC made cabinets with a lifetime warranty, and you will be amazed at how versatile and durable they are. Melamine cabinets are an excellent alternative where imported thin steel products won't stand up to the abuse you put them through, but you don't quite have the budget for the ultimate garage just yet.

Your custom cabinets are made with precise CNC technology, and our programs allow for maximum adjustability. We can make even the most difficult of spaces in your garage look they cause no problems at all, or make them disappear completely! Custom sizing, heavy duty 3/4" pine core drawer bottoms, and durable finishes make for the best melamine garage cabinets you can buy!