Designing an Efficient Bedroom Closet Organizer

Designing an Efficient Bedroom Closet Organizer,
What is the best way to organize my bedroom closet? If you’re reading this then we’re guessing you’ve spent too long standing in front of a disorganized closet asking that question. At Imagine The Room, we have an answer to that question. We install custom closet organizers in Kamloops and across BC and Alberta so that you love your reach-in or walk-in closet and never have to ask that question again! As you can imagine, we’ve designed a few closets, thousands to be exact. From a family that’s been in the business for 30 years, here is one of the great ways our system can maximize your space – no matter how small you think your closet is!

Let’s start by pointing out a few things that can be improved from what we see in our first example. In most builder’s spec homes and older homes, the standard procedure is to have the finishing carpenter throw up a piece of MDF or cheap melamine, pin it to the wall and throw a wooden dowel in at around 68” high or so. If you don’t plan on putting much in the closet, that will work, kind of.

Unless you’ve mastered minimalism and purged your life of all material possessions, you will definitely need more usable space. One of the simplest ways we increase your storage is by doubling up your hanging. Typically bedroom closets have full height ceilings to 96”. Most of the renovations we help with and many new homes don’t use the full capacity of their reach-in closets, and will only have a single shelf and rod, what a waste!!

However, access is always the issue for storage above the door frame. Our solution is having your top shelf at 84”, usually just higher than the top of the doorway, and stepping the top shelf depth back to 12” deep(16” deep is our recommended depth for a reach-in closet). This allows for maximum use of space elsewhere in the closet, but gives you the ability to tilt bulky items up and onto the top shelf of your closet.

This is usually a good space for long term items you don’t often use. It can also be a good place for important papers and document storage as it’s far from the floor reducing the risk of flood damage and prying eyes.

Referring back to our first example, this particular closet had some deep returns (space on either side of the door into the closet) on either side behind the wall. A question we get is if we will install shelving or cubbies on each side of the closet instead of running it across the back from wall to wall. While doable we don’t recommend it. That’s because you actually get less functional storage space, and you get less storage space overall as you have to shrink the middle section in order to use the side cabinets.

Another rule we always allow for when having cabinets facing the other is a minimum of 24” of access until you start the next run of cabinets. A typical clothes hanger hangs 20” from the wall. Even 24” is tight for reaching in behind the next cabinet but for small walk-in closets you have to use every inch. The one plus side to deep returns is that they are great for switching out seasonal pieces, as the 80/20 rule applies for most of us when it comes to what you use every day. You wear 20% of your clothes, 80% of the time!

In the end, a simple reach-in closet should look something like this (see below). We use this design or variations of it as our go to, with a few tweaks of our own to make sure it works well and looks great. It’s a flexible design that with minor modifications can meet multiple customers’ needs and budgets. If drawers aren’t in the budget or you already have a dresser in the bedroom, sub out inexpensive baskets from Walmart or Winners, they keep the clutter low and work well for socks and other small items. Having adjustable shelves gives you the option to space them closer together for shoe storage, or further apart for taller or bulky items like linens and sweaters.

We have a lot of experience in this department, feel free to contact us if you have any questions and we would love to help with a complimentary in-home estimate. Big or small we can help you declutter and get organized!