How It's Made

Our product is cut and drilled with a CNC router, which optimizes each sheet of material we process to ensure there is minimal waste. With our gables and shelves being computer milled on the same equipment, each cabinet has exceptional fit and finish.

Once the necessary pieces have been processed, with minimal handling, they are sent to our new Edgebander. With patented glue jet technology, our product comes off the production line with almost no glue residue, and these well taped edges increase the durability and water resistance of our shelving.  Our shelving system is manufactured and designed to work well for closet organizers, mud rooms, garages, laundry rooms, kitchens, and many other applications.

We also manufacture our own flat faced doors and drawer fronts for a modern, clean look, with 2mm soft edges with rounded corners. Our drawers are an innovative design that use excess material from cutting that otherwise would have been thrown away, and give our customers full wood box internal drawers, reducing waste and increasing the quality of our product. We also source shaker and custom Thermofoil fronts from our partners in Kamloops for a more upscale or classic look.