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Alto Line

Our Prism line offers the greatest selection of colours and finishes we have in our line-up. Their composite panels are created with designers and dreamers in mind, with the widest variety of finishes available in our line-up. Here are a few of their most popular finishes (and for good reason, they look great!) that we love incorporating in your new closet, pantry, garage, or anywhere else in your home that needs beautiful and durable storage.

For the most detailed of projects we use our Prism line to get the right match to compliment or contrast your flooring and paint choices, and will even bring samples on site so you can see the effect your lighting has on your new cabinets.

We always recommend you come to our showroom to get ideas, and well, we can’t carry all the options with us, so we’ll narrow down as best we can before we come over! You can also send us a picture of what inspires you, and we can let you know what we have available so you can start planning your space today!

Alto Swatches

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