Organizing Kids Closets

Kamloops is a beautiful city that is minutes away from world class recreation like skiing, hiking, biking, and so many other activities that outdoor enthusiasts crave in the central interior of BC. One of the reasons Doug moved to Kamloops was to raise his family away from the busy city life in Vancouver where he started in the closet industry, and set up his own closet organizer business.

Now having our business (formerly known locally as “Kamloops Klosets”) grow into it’s second generation with Doug’s family participating in and growing the business, we know the value of being organized in the home. With continual rising prices of real estate and smaller homes for families it’s essential to have some method to tame the madness when it comes to all the things that come with kids! Here’s our tips on how to organize kids closets!

Tip #1 Keep it at Their Level

This tip has two ways of looking at it. The first is if you have young children, there may be certain items that they access (or want to access) every day. Think dressup, favourite toys, pajamas or whatever their current fixation is. This saves you from having to get up for the hundredth time, so that maybe you only have to get up 99 times tomorrow. If you have kids you know that “one more time” makes a huge difference!

On the other side, if there are items you don’t want your kids to get into while they are little, take advantage of that and put it up high! The highest shelf in the closet which is usually around seven feet is a great place for long term storage of old report cards, heirlooms, or as an excellent place to hide their birthday gift right under their nose!

Tip #2 Create Zones

For the kids of the Imagine the Room team having a space set aside for play is key to helping with routines. We separate our kid’s closets into toy/play areas, which are usually set on the lower side of the closet if you have young children. If you have formal wear like church clothes or school uniforms they can go in one area, and you might have another section for sports gear or seasonal items. 

The biggest perk with zones is if someone else like grandparents or your husband (Gasp!) decides to help with clean up, it’s very clear what goes where and you don’t have to undo the “help” later.

Tip #3 Keep it Flexible

Kids grow up. It’s the inevitable truth that your baby will grow up and the whole “zone” business won’t matter anymore. The shelves will go from being filled with toys to having textbooks, trophies, and jewelry, and the kids grow at an alarming rate as they eat you out of house and home! With that, our closet organizers are specifically designed to grow with your kids. Adjustable shelves are a must, and we also design the hanging sections to be adjustable as well so if they have longer or shorter items to be accounted for they can move those as well.

If you opted to do cubbies and adjustable shelves in your original design and a few years down the road you really need to add a couple of drawers to the mix, don’t worry, you can add those in easily as well! We have special programs for repeat customers where we can add to their existing systems we’ve put in and help their closet fit their current needs. Our sales team will also ask you types of questions like how long you plan on staying in the home, so we can plan each kids closet accordingly to fit their needs as they grow.

If you have a kids closet that needs organizing contact us! We are ready to help and have many examples of kids closets in our catalogue, on our Facebook page, as well as a working display in our showroom if you want to see the product in action.

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