Preparing for Installation

In the 30+ plus years we’ve been serving the Kamloops/Okanagan region we have often been asked what to do to prepare for installation. Here are a few tips to ensure the installation goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

  1. Clear Out the Closet- If you’ve been waiting to declutter here is your chance. The Salvation Army and Big Brothers and Big Sisters are always happy to receive donations. Whether you’re donating or just throwing stuff out make sure that the closet is clear so that the installers will be able to take down the closet as soon as they get it.

  1. Prepare the Space- In most cases you’ll want to paint the wall at least a couple days prior to installation ( to give the paint time to dry). Our closets look best against brighter colours to help small spaces feel BIG.  Because our system is backless you’ll be able to see the wall behind it. Also if you plan on renovating the floor be sure to do that before we put in the closets if it’s designed like the one above.

  2. Ensure Access- The installers will be carrying in a large amount of gear so please ensure that they will have access to parking nearby. Please make sure that the installers will have a way in, whether that be a person, a key, a code etc. Also carrying heavy loads around obstacles can be difficult so please ensure a path to the closet is available. 

By following these tips our installers will be able to quickly install your closets, and give you the opportunity to get to decorating. If you want to upgrade your closets contact us today!

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