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Your bedroom should be a haven of tranquillity. Your bedroom is a place where you curl up with a good book, zone out and watch some TV, or simply relax away from the world.The average person will spend one-third of their whole life in their bedroom and keeping it organized and functional to work with your day-to-day routine is so important. A well-designed bedroom.

Imagine The Room manufactures and installs custom closet solutions that are made to fit any space. We offer storage units, closet organizers, shelving, hanging, drawers of all shapes and sizes, shoes, and handbag storage.From your Pinterest perfect walk-in closets to functional mudroom makeovers, we’re here to help you achieve your dream home.

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Walk-In Closets

Walk-in Closets

Small or large, a walk-in closet can a room all on its own. Organized and designed in a way to match both your style and lifestyle, your walk-in closet should complement your get-ready routine not get in your way. Being able to see your clothes and accessories at a glance, one season at a time, makes getting ready every day a breeze. With so many design options like custom accent lighting, clothing specific hangers, beautiful hardware, and smart accessories—it’s like dressing in your own personal high-end store changing room!

Reach-In Closets

Reach-in Closets

A reach-in closet is a standard feature in most homes but gone are the days where a simple wooden dowel and sagging shelf will suffice to hold our ever growing and complex storage needs. They are also one of the most under-utilized spaces in our homes with wasted space above and below being a common problem.

Custom Wardrobes

Custom Wardrobes

Custom millwork doesn’t need to be expensive, but most of the time it’s out of reach for the average homeowner unless you are building a new home or doing complete renovations. At Imagine The Room we make it our goal to stay within your budget, and still create simple, beautiful and functional spaces in your home. Whether it’s a freestanding wardrobe, entertainment unit, or any other type of idea you may have, we can make that Pinterest perfect picture a reality, without emptying your wallet!

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