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PVC Slat Walls

Wall space in a garage can be some of the best used space in your home. We’ve found what we feel is the best solution for that space next to the car that isn’t quite big enough for shelves, but you would hate to waste it! Our PVC slat wall and accessories are the perfect products to get the job done. Available in a variety of colours (White, Grey, Black, and more on request!), in 8’x1′ panels, they are easy to install and allow you to customize your walls however you’d like.

Unlike slat wall companies that have proprietary spacing and hardware, we chose a standard 3″ slat wall for it’s versatility for our customers, so they have the option to source their own accessories to fit their lifestyle and hobbies. If you want us to take care of everything for you, don’t worry, we stock the most common accessories that we find we use the most so you don’t have to leave the house.

We also carry heavy duty Tire Racks, as well as SteadyRacks® for storing your bikes, and we would love to install them for you!

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