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Custom Reach-In Closet

A reach-in closet is a standard feature in most homes but gone are the days where a simple wooden dowel and sagging shelf will suffice to hold our ever growing and complex storage needs. They are also one of the most under-utilized spaces in our homes with wasted space above and below being a common problem. 

These reach-in closets have massive storage potential, especially with the right custom design to both maximize space and find the perfect fit for your closet. If you want to declutter your bedroom of old dressers, totes and flimsy baskets to create a space that is more open and minimal, a custom designed reach-in closet will allow you to clear your space without giving up your stuff. Imagine The Room’s many years of experience helping our customers transform their closet, making it a space that will not only end up saving you time (organization win!) and make your space work for you.

Let us help you be amazed with just how much more storage you will have in your home with our custom designed shelving systems!

At Imagine The Room, our experienced staff can help you find a solution for your families unique storage needs. Contact us today to create your dream reach-in closet.

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