How Do I Get a Custom Closet?

 If you’ve never had a custom closet organizer built for you before it’s fairly common for first time organizers to be unsure about how to get started. Whether you are located near our showroom in Kamloops, or in our wide service areas in all of BC and Alberta, the process differs slightly but in the end you get the same great service and product.

Here’s a simple guide of what to expect when you are tearing your hair out over your chaotic closet and you just have to do something about it!

Have An Idea In Mind

We generally have two types of customers. The ones that know exactly what they want, who come into our showroom with pinterest pictures or sketches in hand, an inventory of their clothing, and all their desired storage needs. If this isn’t you, don’t panic! You are actually with the majority of our customers who call us when they just can’t wrap their minds around where to put everything and need a guiding hand to design their space.

An idea of how you want to organize your closet really can be as simple as, “I just need this to work better for me”. We can work with that, and because of the thousands of closets we’ve done in every room in the home, we can ask the questions that will guide us in how to design your closet organizers.

Prepare a Budget

This can come before or after you realize your closet needs some help. If you need a range of budget options you can read our article here about what you should budget for basic bedroom and walk-in closets. A lot of customers are hesitant to tell us what their “number” is that they have prepared to spend on a project, likely for fear of having the final quote come to within just under or over their budget and not knowing if they are getting the best value, or if they could have spent less and gotten more storage or a better product.

While we can only speak for ourselves, we have a strict pricing policy that is tied directly to the amount and type of material used, and the labour required to calculate the cost of your project. We also promise to always design on the efficient side of a closet as we know at the end of the day, it is just a closet and may not need to be the Taj Mahal (although we do those if you just have to have it).

Free In-home or Virtual Consultation

How do you reach us you might ask? If you are the chatty type and can’t stand emailing and texting then give us a call or come visit our showroom, we always are up for a chat! If you are the shy type though we’re happy to do the whole experience virtually via email. We also do virtual consultations via video chat services like Zoom and Facetime to bring you right into our showroom if you are building your new home in BC or Alberta and can’t come in for an in person meeting.

Installation and Bliss

Once the designs are confirmed the next steps are the easy (and fun!) ones. We set up an installation date that fits your schedule best, and for all normal orders you will be in closet heaven in less than two weeks! Installation is snap, all that’s required of you is to empty your closets and we take care of the rest. Most installations are no longer than a day to complete, even for an entire house!

Whenever you are ready to finally organize that closet, contact us and we will be beside ourselves with excitement to show you how happy a closet organizer can make you every day.