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30+ Years Of Experience

At Imagine the Room, our dedicated staff boasts over 30+ years of experience crafting storage solutions for our clients. We specialize in delivering perfect, cost-effective designs that make organization straightforward. Our team’s diverse professional backgrounds and commitment to innovation mean we always incorporate cutting-edge technology into our designs, ensuring high-quality creations for new home builds and renovations.

Doug Sherwood | Founder and CEO

For the last 30 years, Doug has made custom cabinet and closet construction his life’s work. He started his own company in the Okanagan area of British Columbia, Canada to live out his entrepreneurial aspirations. Each new project provides him with the opportunity to transform a customer’s home, garage, office, or any other space they desire to truly make their own. Through fostering long-term relationships with builders and homeowners alike, his family-run business became the constantly expanding company, Imagine The Room.

Tanner Sherwood | Operations & Sales

One of Doug's devoted sons, Tanner officially joined ITR in 2017 with a BBA from TRU. His 15 years with ITR have been marked by a commitment to innovation, new services, exceptional customer service, streamlining the company's operations and media marketing. Instrumental in streamlining operations and fostering a team environment, Tanner focuses on hiring dedicated workers committed to the company's growth. Outside work, he cherishes time spent with his wife and four children, balancing professional dedication with family life.

Bonnie Sherwood | Professional Organizer/Founder

Bonnie Sherwood, the wife of Founder Doug Sherwood, gained true clarity about her life and purpose after becoming a mother of 3. She quickly joined the business to solve each puzzle a new project would bring. Bonnie streamlines the creation of easy-to-maintain spaces that are beautifully made and functionally proficient. She loves the satisfaction and empowerment her clients feel when they can find what they need when they need it! Her simple and aesthetically pleasing systems show clients that their peace of mind is on the other side of the clutter.

Francisco “Kiko” Faria | Manufacturing Assistant

Francisco gained high-level experience in manufacturing and production environments for 3 years before quickly became an expert in operating ITR’s machinery. Kiko constantly steps up to lead the shop and completes quality control for all ITR products. He also prepares final checks on installer parts and supports them when needed. Kiko joined Imagine the Room because he wanted to hone his skill set by gaining experience in a cabinet-making shop. In his free time, Kiko enjoys volunteering for the Mustard Seed serving food to the homeless. His dependable and positive attitude can brighten any room!

Blaine Sherwood | Lethbridge Branch of Imagine the Room

Being part of the second generation of this expanding family business is a true honour for Blaine. With 8 years of experience supporting every position within the business, starting with sweeping the floors as a child to now running a whole operation, he has a true understanding of what it takes to make Imagine the Room successful. Blaine lives in Lethbridge, Alberta to run the Lethbridge branch of Imagine The Room and continue his father’s legacy. With years of experience and knowledge in the design and installation of custom cabinets, Blaine is our storage solution mastermind!

Myles Olsen | Office Administration

After attending TRU and earning a degree in Business administration, Myles served as a missionary in Santiago Chile. Myles is a master of invoicing, accounting, purchasing, and inventory, he is fluent in English, Spanish, and French which comes in handy when coordinating with different members of our team. From coordinating administrative tasks to organizing the office, Myles brings high-value efficiency to the company and top-quality services to our clients. In his free time, he serves as a Seminary teacher to give back to the community. His cheerful attitude is a welcomed addition to the Imagine the Room family!

Tamy Geoghegan | Sales & Design

With over 14 years in customer service, sales, and interior design, Tammie Strack brings her passion for creating beautiful home spaces to Imagine the Room. She is eager to evolve with the team. She excels crafting custom closet systems tailored to each client's needs and budget. She finds joy in their satisfaction upon seeing their transformed spaces. Outside of work, Tammie's adventures with her dog Parker, cherished children, and grandchildren fill her life, while painting and motorcycle riding offer her moments of Zen.

Courtney Sherwood | Program Development

Courtney, armed with a Master’s Degree in Distance Education and a specialization in online curriculum development, knows the importance of organization firsthand as a mother of four young children. Together with her husband Tanner, they keep the Sherwood household running smoothly. She's passionate about creating simple, maintainable organization systems, aiming to extend the joy of a clutter-free life to others through training programs, DIY projects, and operations manuals designed to empower staff for success. Courtney's philosophy is that a well-organized life allows her to help others overcome their own clutter challenges.

Noah Bussiere | Shop Lead/Foreman

Noah worked in his own family business as an exceptional CNC operator for 5 years before deciding to join Imagine the Room. He originally joined Imagine the Room because he wanted to work in an environment where he could lead and grow as part of a small, family-run business. Noah is a valuable member of our team because he brings new skills and technological knowledge to our company. This helps us stay at the forefront of the latest trends in cabinetry design and manufacturing. In his free time, Noah enjoys spending time outdoors as well as perfecting his 3D modelling and 3D printing skills. The grind never stops!

Craig MacKay | Install Lead

Craig has 15 years of experience in the cabinet industry and his attention to detail is second to none. With his Corian Counters fabrication certificate and 4th Year Joinery Post-Secondary Education Training, Craig brings a knowledgeable presence to the company. He joined Imagine the Room because he was looking for a new challenge. He also wanted to be part of a team that values quality craftsmanship. Craig manages all aspects of the installation process, from measuring and template creation to final installation and touch-ups. When he’s not providing high-quality installations, Craig enjoys riding his snowmobile and 4x4ing in the scenic outdoors to relax and recharge.