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Materials We Use

At Imagine The Room, we pride ourselves on offering various finishes catering to contemporary trends and timeless classics. Our selection features high-quality melamine finishes known for their durability against scratches, dents, water, and everyday wear and tear. All the colours showcased are readily available, ensuring a swift delivery time of 1-2 weeks.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you do not find the exact colour you envision. We’re committed to sourcing the perfect match for you. Our suppliers continuously innovate with specialty products designed to fulfill any project or dream. 

We Use Only The Best Material

Whether you’re seeking finishes that surpass the beauty and durability of solid wood or prefer those that mimic the authentic texture and grain of natural wood, our mission is to ensure every cabinet we create enhances the beauty of your home.


Tafisa TFL (Thermally Fused Laminates) decorative panels are manufactured in Canada with particleboard made from recycled trees and wood fibres.

Check out these finishes in our Imagine The Room Showroom in Kamloops.

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Our Prism line offers the greatest selection of colours and finishes we have in our line-up. Their composite panels are created with designers and dreamers in mind, with the widest variety of finishes available in our line-up. Here are a few of their most popular finishes (and for good reason, they look great!) that we love incorporating in your new closet, pantry, garage, or anywhere else in your home that needs beautiful and durable storage.

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With panels like Stargazer, After-Hours, Winter Fun, you will have the most elegant solution with the perfect natural woodgrains. Designed to provide an infinitely more durable alternative to stained veneers, “The true touch of wood” will be hard to distinguish from the rare wood species that inspired these panels. With today’s high tech furniture grade particle boards, there is no warping or cupping like solid woods, ensuring consistent materials for a long lasting clean look.

This finish is best appreciated in person, feel free to bring swatches, inspiration pictures, and your imagination to our showroom to transform your home today.

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Our Brava line showcases an unparalleled selection of colours and finishes designed to bring your creative visions to life. It offers the broadest range of options, perfect for customizing closets, pantries, garages, or any storage needs across your home. Brava’s top finishes, celebrated for their beauty and resilience, are our go-to for projects that require a precise match or contrast with your existing décor. To ensure the perfect fit with your home’s ambiance, we’re happy to bring samples to your space, allowing you to see how the light affects the appearance of your new cabinets.

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Our panels offer elegant woodgrain finishes that mimic the look and feel of natural wood without the drawbacks of warping or cupping found in solid wood. These durable alternatives to stained veneers provide a long-lasting, clean look with the consistency of high-tech, furniture-grade particle boards. Experience the distinct quality and design firsthand by visiting our showroom with your swatches, inspiration photos, and ideas, and start transforming your home into a space of refined beauty today.

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Our Alto line boasts a vast array of colors and finishes, tailored for every design aspiration. With a focus on versatility, Alto’s composite panels are perfect for any part of your home needing elegant and durable storage solutions. Highlighting popular finishes renowned for their aesthetic appeal, the Alto line ensures a seamless match or contrast with your decor. For projects demanding precise coordination, we provide on-site samples to demonstrate how our finishes complement your home’s lighting and style, making the Alto line a preferred choice for enhancing your space with custom cabinetry.

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The Details Make All The Difference

At Imagine The Room, we believe the finishing touches make all the difference. That’s why we use only the highest quality handles for our custom cabinetry and storage solutions. We understand that the right hardware not only adds to the aesthetic appeal of your space but also ensures durability and functionality for everyday use. Our selection of handles is meticulously chosen from top suppliers, promising both elegance and resilience. With Imagine The Room, rest assured that every detail, no matter how small, is given utmost importance.