Installation - What to Expect

Our system is unique as compared to traditional cabinetry, as it is a lock together system that is designed to “float” on your wall. We have been using this system for over 25 years, and have found it to be the most versatile, efficient, and cost effective way to add storage and functionality to a room.

Each cabinet that is brought into your home is assembled on site, with little to no drilling or cutting, as we custom design our system to fit the space. Our shelves lock into place with high quality hardware, and can be installed by one of our installers in a fraction of the time traditional cabinetry takes. We deliver our product to your home flat packed, to reduce damage to your shelving, as well as ease of moving the shelves to each room, without hitting your walls all the way to the closet!

Most installs are typically finished within one day, because we and our installers value completion, and being the easiest part of your new home build or renovation is our goal!

How do I get ready to have my shelving installed?

Here are a few simple steps to help us help you!

We will confirm with you the installers arrival window usually a day prior to the install, and get any last minute instructions for directions and accessing the home.

Have the driveway or path clear so we can load the shelving into the home and the various closets/spaces.

All closets or spaces should be free and clear of existing shelving, and we recommend doing some painting prior to installation, as our system is backless to save our customers some money!

Inform the contractor and other trades where and when we will be working, we are often able to adjust our install times to fit other trades, as we typically are one of the quickest trades, making it easier to work around others schedules.

Enjoy organizing!

We offer a limited life-time guarantee on the installation and construction of our product, and we are committed to ensuring that you are always happy with our shelving systems!