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Garage Storage

Organizing a garage is never a one-size-fits-all project. As one of your homes most used but often least-loved spaces, your garage is often the first place you will give in to the clutter, accepting junk as it begins to pile up. From an overwhelming amount of tools, winter tires and things for the yard, to the kids’ old toys and cribs – we can create the custom storage solutions that will take your garage from that neglected space you don’t talk about to the functioning hub of your house it’s meant to be.

Imagine The Room’s custom garage shelving and cabinets can be built to fit both your stuff and lifestyle. Hide clutter behind closed doors, or even better – eliminate the clutter altogether by giving everything a space of its own. Imagine opening your garage door and not cringing every time you leave or come home – not to mention allow you to properly store your vehicle inside during the cold, wet months Western Canada is known for.

We offer a variety of custom garage storage solutions, including; Cabinets by Hayley, which is constructed from 16 gauge steel backed by a lifetime guarantee. High grade 3/4″ pine core melamine, in a variety of colors and patterns, to give you the look you’re craving for at a lower price point, and for smaller spaces, we can install custom slat walls and accessories to maximize every inch of your space.

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