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Kids Room's Storage

Every parent knows kids come with a lot of stuff. When they’re babies, it’s diapers and burping blankets; when they’re a bit older, toys, books and stuffed animals seem to come out of every orifice; as they go through school, toys become class projects, gadgets, and sports gear; and somehow through all of that they manage to need to fit more and more clothes in their closets.


Drawers and spaces for baskets make it easy to go from playing with toys to placing them back in their designated homes. Picture perfect reading nooks can be created under windows with book and storage for toys, and shelving units can be installed to keep items up off the floor and in a dedicated space that will make cleanup simple.


An integrated desk feature will give your kid a set space to work on homework and projects. Soft-close closures will ensure that units will outlast even the most spirited of kids.

Talk to the team at Imagin The Room today to create a lasting custom closet and storage space design that will not only last but grow with your kids as their interest and lifestyle change.

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