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Murphy Beds

Murphy Beds are the ultimate solution for maximizing space without sacrificing comfort and style. Imagine the Room’s Genuine Murphy Bed® Supreme Steel Frame Construction and Hardware, combined with professional, warrantied installation, ensures superior comfort and stability over traditional hide-a-bed. With over 20 finishes and styles, our locally manufactured Murphy Beds offer the look of built-in furniture with decorative moulding and trim options. 

Custom storage cabinets are also available to store pillows, blankets, and sheets and can accommodate a variety of mattress thicknesses. Our Murphy Beds are perfect for increasing the function of your den or office by converting it into a temporary bedroom for guests. They also increase the value of rentals by adding sleep capacity to your property.

At Imagine The Room, creating a custom-designed and expertly crafted built-in Murphy Bed with our 35 years of experience means your space fits you and your home!

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